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Full Version: SR4 the positives off the bat.
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I have still yet to play or run SR4 as I am still absorbing the book. Likely sometime next month I will start my group on the Missions.

As I am reading I see many things I think WTF!, I rant to my players, they rant back. I finally get my log-on running again. (Forgot this logon and couldn't register during the system change).

I post some of my questions (more coming just thinking it through for abit) and get some answers. The feeling I am getting from old SR3 players is yeah we felt that way, but in play it isn’t that bad. This goes a long way to quelling my queasiness in my comfort zone.

What I have not stated is some of the things that I think are very good changes:

1. Simplification of the Vehicle combat and Matrix. I know there are still arguments on either side, but coming from the convoluted old system that I house ruled to hell and back. It looks much much better.

2. Scope and Vision Magnification!! Wow, so much better. No longer will I have players walking around will full magnification and shooting. (Ever try to walk while using binoculars? you will seriously bust your ass) (Yeah In other posts I spoke about my players like 'real' mechanics, but in this case they were perfectly fine with the SR3 vision rules, though I suspect they will actually like these better.)

3. Economy! No longer will we have riggers and deckers that are basically out of commission permanently because of broken gear. Sometimes top end Sams also... (My games ran with modest cash so replacing a rigged out car or a deck. Was basically out of the question, unless it was a stealing job. Which of course was never just a piece of cake.)
Hope you enjoy yourself. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to post them.
1. Definitly. Those who played Deckers/Riggers before will feel great change. Riggers will want Arsenal for gear and upgrade rules (they will love that book to death). Everyone can play now, even if you have to make them do it in the beginning. The matrix part is no longer a run in its own right, unless you want and make it so.

2. Yes.

3. Yes! I´d advise to give out as much cash as before, so your groups buying power increases. My GM (at the time of change) about quartered our pay because everything got cheaper. He liked PCs starving for cash, don´t walk that way unless your Players want to come along.
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