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I know there was a site around here somewhere that had a 13 month calandar, or something of the sort. (basically a calander of the years of shadowrun and what day was what) And was wondering if anyone still had the link.

That is all.
This has the relevant years, though I'm pretty sure it's not the one you're thinking of.

nope, but a darn good try.
You mean something like Ancient History's compiled timeline of SR events?
Shadowrun Timeline Explorer?
NOpe, just a literal calendar. Not of events. But i recall somone reworking the clandar into a 13 month cycle with a few extra days as holidays. It amused me and i wanted to try it out rather then going 50-60 years into the future on my computer calander smile.gif

Then again I might have been halucinating again.
Large Mike

Umm... you're not allowed to be on drugs on the board without sharing.
What? Who's got drugs? We're sharin' drugs?
Only us Freelancer Crack-whores. biggrin.gif

As to the question of the calendar, well I haven't seen a 13 month one around. Someone compiled it to the old Celtic Year perhaps? (That one followed the Lunar cycles with Samhain/Halloween as the new year) Personally I use a nice little thing that I found in the cover of an old almanac - it lists all of the years's days along with the dates and allows for the shifting cycle to calculate what a specific day (IE:Dec 17th) will be in whatever year you select. Pity that it doesn't include lunar cycles and celestial events like eclipses and suchlke. hmmm, maybe there are some advantages to using a computer program after all...
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