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Full Version: Legos as minis for SR
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Once about 6 years ago I came across rules someone had developed for using legos as minis for Shadowrun. I never had the sense to download them at the time, and now can't find a copy of them online. Does anyone remember these or know where I could find a copy?
Why would you need rules to use them as minis?
Well you need to have special enhanced stats for the cool "Blacktron" men. When I was a kid, those were the only lego men available who had cool black helmet visors so that they didn't look like smiling idiots.
I had one of them. He got stolen. frown.gif
I don't recall there being a need for modified rules for using miniatures. But Lego make excellent minis for SR or any RPG for that matter, with the base plates, can make anything with legos basically.

And to get off topic, I still have a couple of Blacktrons lying around, those where the coolest. Until Lego came out with those Space Police, I had a two large vehicles from them at one time. I believe one use a flyer and the other was a 6 wheeled monster that had two prison cells. The Space Police where mainly dark green and black, there where the first to have those really cool clear dark black lens and need head design. They where the fist to have the head set design if I remember correctly
I have a load of Star Wars lego and plan to use them for running Star Wars D20. The clothing (jedi, cloaks and cowls etc) would also fit a fantasy game as well.

I also have Alpha Team Lego which would work well for Shadowrun, though I actually have some SR minis.
In my younger days I had made up wargame rules for my castle lego dudes. Remember when the horses were built out of blocks? I had space legos before Blacktron came out. Even one of the ultra rare black lego astronauts. *sigh* those were the days. Oh yeah, back on topic. The Alpha team guys make great shadowrunners.wink.gif
If you're going to use Lego blocks as minis, I guess a quick and fast rule would be that the space between two pegs = 1m. And use a big baseplate. *shrugs*

The Abstruse One
The one thing that pissed me off about Legos was that there were never enough Lego people in sets. You'd get like 4 people for a gigantic pirate ship or castle. Sure, they sold additional people in little boxes, but they were really expensive.
Hida Tsuzua
Another nice thing about legos is that you can adjust the height of various people by adding blocks to the legs or replacing the legs with blocks. So your trolls can easily be a head taller and dwarfs be short. Sadly most of my legos are medieval themed leading to the Aztec guards dressed like the "Fright Knights" or something.
QUOTE (Zazen)
Well you need to have special enhanced stats for the cool "Blacktron" men. When I was a kid, those were the only lego men available who had cool black helmet visors so that they didn't look like smiling idiots.

I've had like 2 or 3 of those of my friends at the time chewed up one of them... WTF possess a kid to gnaw on a piece of plastic? I was more pissed that he'd ruined the thing, and they're still extremely rare...
I have 6 or so of them in my attic. All I ever saved up for when I was little was Blacktron sets.

I even remember the day that I got the Message Intercept Base. That was pretty damn cool. I'd love to see some punk runners try and infiltrate that thing, 'specially after my heavy modifications.
But you lack any astral security.
I'm sure that the Blacktron Corporation will be able to afford outsourcing for that, what with the monopoly they have on opaque helmet visors wink.gif
Why? Do the Blacktron figures come with magical sigils, bizarre items as focii and a pistol they hardly know how to use?
It was mostly the scale I was trying to remember. horizontal plane is pretty obvious, but vertical is a li'l more awkward, with them being about 4 or 5 blocks tall.
also theres the matter of simply denoting trolls and dwarves due to their relative size to humans.
My only problem with using legos is when the players begin taking apart the Renraku arcology to build little cars and airplanes.
Yeah, only Deus is allowed to do that, and he's already got all the really cool "tentacle" pieces. wink.gif

Given that the average person is considerably less than 2m tall (2m is a good height for an elf or orc) I'd go with 3 dots to the meter.

If you want trolls, look for the really old school people who were made with big round heads, 2x2 block torsos, and "snakey bit" arms!
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