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As somewhat of a noob to Shadowrun (I own 2 SR2 books- Aztlan and FOF), what happened to our Jewish friends? I saw them mentioned in YotC, but other than that, nothing.
From the Shadowrun timeline explorer:

2004 - Tensions between the nations of Libya and Israel reach a flash point when Libya unleashes a chemical-weapons attack against Israel causing thousands of deaths. Israel responds with a nuclear attack. Within ten minutes half of Libya's major population centers, including Central Tripoli, Libya's capital, are completely destroyed and millions of the nation's citizens are killed. Hundreds of thousands more are killed by fallout and radiation poisoning. The UN moves peacekeeping forces into the area and the remaining Libyans are moved out of the country to new homes in Egypt, central Africa and the Middle East. Libya all but ceases to exist as a political entity. (Shadowrun Second Edition)

2016 - U.S. President Jesse Garrety, Russian President Nikolai Chelenko, Prime Minister Lena Rodale of Great Britain, and Minister Chaim Schon of Israel are all assassinated within a three-week period. The people responsible for Chelenko, Rodale, and Schon’s deaths are all killed in violent confrontations. Garrety’s assassin, William Springer, escapes and is never captured for the crime. (Shadowrun Second Edition)

2046 - In the Libyan desert, Egypt, two corporations get wind of a top-secret weapons lab that managed to avoid detection by both Israel and the United Nations. Both corporations send in strike teams to acquire the base and end up in conflict with each other. The conflict turns into an all-out battle which is covered by the media. The broadcast receives worldwide interest and the Corporate Court, realizing that they have a potentially lucrative product in broadcasting wars between corporate forces, cuts a deal with the Egyptian Government for long-term use of the Libyan Desert as a training ground for corporate security personnel. The broadcast becomes an annual event called Desert Wars with "skirmishes" staged at other times of the year and training exercises going on almost all the time. (Target: Wastelands)

There was also a bit mentioned in the Templars chapter of Threats 2 I think. I'll have a look later and get back to you. Or was it Target: Wastelands? Feck. :/
There is a Mossad report on Aden in DotSW
All Threats basically mentions is that large sections of the country are still toxic zones from the Libyan strike, and since they were going to be too expensive to clean up they were simply cordoned off and left to recover naturally. Should be becoming livable again some time around 2075. The place is also a major target for the Templar movement to take over.

Target: Wastelands has a passing mention of their spy satellites being maintained by Trans-Orbital out of the Silver Pinacle orbital station- also known as the Station House.

Here's a thread from the old forums about the place. As long as you can stand the new paint job. Sheesh, someone been letting Dvixen loose with the colour palette again or something? wink.gif
Omer Joel
QUOTE (FlakJacket)
Here's a thread from the old forums about the place. As long as you can stand the new paint job. Sheesh, someone been letting Dvixen loose with the colour palette again or something? wink.gif

You beat me to it, FlakJacket cool.gif
There was atleast one other thread, but it was in the "brown" forum, which lacks, for the very least, a fully working search function. But no matter; the newer thread was the better one.

I eventually intend to create some kind of Israel/West Bank DMZ/Free City Of Gaza netbook, and already parts of it are in Hebrew on my HD - but real life gets in the way of both completion and translation frown.gif. With luck, I'll translate was I've already got and post it on the Community Projects subforum.
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