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Full Version: Missing Bloodsuckers
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Ghost in the Machine

I was somewhat surprised that this staple of the Insect Spirit menagerie was missing from Street Magic.

Does anyone know what happened to the "vampires" of the bug spirit world?

Good question, I'd sort of overlooked their absence until you mentioned it.

You know I wouldn't mind seeing a new Critters Book or Paranormal Animals of ... series of books in the future. Not really a necessary core book but they are kind of fun.

And I do want some SR4 Drop Bear stats biggrin.gif
QUOTE (stevebugge @ Feb 11 2008, 07:29 PM) *
And I do want some SR4 Drop Bear stats biggrin.gif

Whoa now. Wait til they print the ''Prime Paranormal Animals that can Have their Way with several Prime Runners at Once'' book. grinbig.gif
Mosquito spirits were folded together with Fly spirits in SR 4th edition.
In 3rd ed they only show up in Bug City. Similarly Termites that show up in UB are not mentioned in Bug City.
there are rules for both in MitS, Snow Fox.
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