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Full Version: Legality Of Spells
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Ok, I'm considering Quickening a spell to me that I haven't been able to get a Permit for. TN 8 with a skill of 3 is proving quite a task. nyahnyah.gif

So, I'm curious as to how a person can tell what spells you have on you. 1 Success on an Assensing will tell what category a spell is, but it never shows more detail than that on the chart.

I have permits for various other spells (bought at char gen when I learned the spell), and am thinking about trying to pull off the lie that a spell they see which I don't have a permit for is actually another spell of the same category for which I do have a permit for. Ie: Convince them the Redirect spell is actually a Levitate spell.

Is there actually a way to prove me wrong, short of some type of MetaPlane Astral Quest or GM House Ruling?

Person 404
Yeah. The Star mage who noticed the quickening says 'Levitate, huh? Useful stuff. Why don't float a couple feet for me.' If you can't levitate without recasting, that's a pretty big tipoff. Not as easily tested for some other spells, but the reason you want to quicken spells in the first place is because they have quantifiable effects.
Except I DO have Levitate Quickened. nyahnyah.gif And Magic Fingers, so proving it isn't such a big deal. nyahnyah.gif

Person 404
Curses! Foiled again! Still, if the Star can count, they're going to be able to ask the same question about each quickened spell. The trick is finding some very difficult to disprove ones to claim you have quickened.
Ancient History
Aside from factors like "citizen, the fireball was too big" or "Hey! I just assensed you casting that Heal spell at too damn high a force!," the astral impressiosn left from casting a spell can be assennsed, and an Analyze Magic spell would probably be proof in court.

[/edit] Of course, you could quicken all your spells and then change your astral signature-I don't think there's a law against having Quickened spells cast on you...
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