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Full Version: SoLA concept artwork
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Kenny Barral was a Spanish-Uruguayan artist, actor, and gamer. A cruel illness took him away a few years ago.

I was searching my computer's hard drive today, and found Kenny's concept artwork for SoLA (he was planning to make a pitch). Some of them are very basic, but I thought it would better to share them than to let them be forgotten:

Jungle run.

Argentinean activist.

Customs check in Montevideo. The Salvo Palace is visible in the background.

Bomb blast during cocktail party.

Chilean smuggler.

Bike chase in Metropole. Check the Christ Redeemer atop the Corcovado in the background.

Amazonian brawl. He wanted to set this one in front of a colonial church.

Rest in peace, man. indifferent.gif
Thanks for posting this and RIP to Kenny.
Looks like he really was talented...
yeah thanks
those are good ideas. He knew what he was doing.
Kyoto Kid
...yes thank you .

Jungle Run is very very nice indeed. Would love to have seen the finished versions of the others.
Totally agree with you Kyoto. Talented artists are hard to find. Sorry for the loss to his loved ones.
I knew Kenny, it's a real shame. He wasn't doing well in his last days.

I had not seen these drawings. They are quite good.



I didn't know the person, but I can tell you that we've lost a wonderful artist. These are very good and he obviously had a strong talent for composition.

Thank you for posting these, and I'm sorry for the loss to all who knew him.

Some great "in process" pieces there. He was obviously pretty serious about his art. You can see he's trying to find the right perspective on a few the pieces. Thanks for sharing these.
Wesley Street
Thank you so much for sharing these. I love the sketches and the finalized black and white spot illustration is terrific. I'm sorry that such a terrific talent is gone.
I really liked Jungle Run and Customs. Keep hanging onto those Jong, hopefully if Holostreets EVER surfaces, you can fight to get Jungle Run into SoLA.
I do like the bike chase one.
Demonseed Elite
I would have loved to see these illustrations in the SoLA material.
Glad to see people like them.

I edited the first post to add that the bike chase takes place in Metropole (check the Christ Redeemer in the background).
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