Does the Toughness quality only apply to one's physical body? If so, could there be a similar quality that applies to Astral combat?

A weapon focus is an astral item embedded in a physical object; on the Astral, it works like its physical substrate, but without batteries or fuel (see separate thread on astral monowhips). Is there anything besides the Armor spell which works as armor on the Astral? Is there an enchantment parallel to Weapon Focus that one could put onto physical armor? (If there isn't, yet, then the formula for one would be a McGuffin that Wuxing and Aztech might be interested in. "Yes, Brad, it's something we've been working on for quite some time now.") What about troll skin? I figure that's no more applicable than the troll's physical BOD stat.

Does High Pain Threshold apply? I think it would; the ability to carry on despite pain is a mental quality. What about HPT derived from drugs such as Nitro? Again, I think so, just as one's Astral form is quicker while one's brain and mind are under the influence of Psyche, and one's Astral form is stronger with Novacoke.

Anyone got a build for an Astral tank using standard 400 BP chargen? Dwarf Adept with the Mystic Armor power?

My troll sammie PC went on a metaplanar journey, brought along by non-standard magic. Went from STR 11 BOD 8, to a CHA-based STR 3 and WIL-based BOD 3. He felt weak and fragile... wow, so this is what it feels like to be a non-troll (on the physical plane)!