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Full Version: Sometimes Prison Ain't so Bad
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So I'm rewatching a pretty good time-loop show called Day Break. In this show, there is a character, an assassin, who is in prison for life without parole for five brutal murders.
But he isn't actually in prison because the warden has a private work-release program for assassins. He has to check in every once in a while, long enough for the State to take a head count, I'm sure. He has a private room with all of the amenities, more like a hotel/country club that a prison.

For a Shadowrunner, this sort of set up is ideal. Not only do you get a free High lifestyle, you also get a perfect alibi and a near-impenetrable safehouse. It doesn't matter what crimes you commit or how much evidence you leave behind, you can just point you that you're in prison and the only logical assumption is that the real criminals are practical jokers with access to your DNA or something. Physical Mask can mimic faces. Signiture reading isn't a perfect science and cleansing can mess them up.

Sometimes, getting arrested is the very best thing that could possibly happen to a Shadowrunner. All you have to do is get in tight with the Warden or his bosses.
so basically your a hired gun for the star?

can someone say suicide missions?
Actually, I believe the term is Shadowrider.

Also, it helps if the warden is a whipped pansy like Coach in My Name Is Earl.
You better be a damn good runner. Sure it doesn't matter how much evidence you leave behind... but what if you get left behind? How's the warden going to explain away a trained killer on the loose, but supposedly still checked into state housing?

Surely the wardens done something to compel you to stay sharp and come back to the cage. Area bombs and family ties come to mind. Have you checked the upholstery in your luxury cage? You might notice it's been used before, and it might be in your best interest to find out what happened to the previous occupant.

Still, would make for an interesting campaign hook. Kinda like Prison Break but with runs in between how to escape your gilded cage. All this while every runner that's aware of you tries to kill the hell out of you for being a prick and working for The Man.
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