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Full Version: Banzaaaaaiiii!
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I have a concept I'm working on for a rigger who is an adrenaline junkie. The game I play in has a recurring use of drones for surveillance, thoughtful use of agents and hacking, but never really has a rigger who uses jumped in mode exclusively. We have the swarm of drones, and in some more combat oriented games the swarm of armed drones, but never a rigger who does everything via Control Rig. We also have a rigger who does nothing *but* surveillance drones so this character is to supplement rigger support without taking over all surveillance functions. Think driving/flying mostly with some combat.

My only real fear with this character is feedback from damage and dumpshock, both of which are strongly affected by Willpower and the Biofeedback program.

What gear, drugs, 'ware, and qualities can help a team's rigger resist/repair/mitigate feedback damage and dumpshock damage?
    AutoDoc Drone (SR4, drone)
    Diagnostics Power (SR4, Sprite Power) [To aid in the use of the item... maybe not feedback tests but certainly to get repaired afterwards via AutoDoc/EVO medical drone]
    EVO medical drone (Ars, drone)
    Home Ground (SR4, positive quality) [For the rigger who babies a certain vehicle and never leaves it]
    Increase Charisma (SR4, spell) [aids Technomancers' Biofeedback rating only]
    Increase Willpower (SR4, spell)
    Machine Sprite (SR4, sprite) [To operate Valkyrie modules, AutoDocs, and EVO medical drones]
    Mentor Spirit-Bear (SR4, mentor spirit)
    Natural Hardening (SR4, positive quality)
    Pain Editor (SR4, 'ware)
    Pain Relief (SM, adept power) [To repair stun damage]
    Pain Resistance (SR4, adept power)
    Platelet Factory (SR4. 'ware)
    Resist Pain (SR4, spell) [To not feel the damage modifiers]
    Rigger Cocoon (Ars, vehicle mod) [since it has a Valkyrie module by default]
    Sidestep (Aug, genetic infusion) [To not feel the damage modifiers]
    Trauma Damper (SR4. 'ware)
    Valkyrie Module (Ars, vehicle mod)
    Vehicular Armor (Ars, vehicle mod) [To avoid the damage in the first place]

What else can be added to this list?
Kyoto Kid
...make him a dwarf
...give him the Genetic Heritage Quality
...give him Genetic Optimisation: Willpower (free due to the above)
...give him Exceptional Attribute: Willpower
...max out his WP (9)
...give him the Denandrenaline (sp?) Transgenic treatment (-20% cost due to his Genetic Heritage Quality - this is why he's an adrenaline junkie)

That would give him a total of 10 WP dice to shake down dumpshock with
hmm, is this the sr4 rigger version of the warhammer ogre hunter? silly.gif
Nice combo


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