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Full Version: Thunder Rolls! Err.... Rules!
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Muahahahah, my PC finally got his Lodge setup in our new locale, and spent his saved up karma for 3 more Quickened spells (84 karma in Quickens total now). Insane you say? I think my GM agrees, apparently, anytime I'm the direct target of a spell, or cast a spell myself, my GM rolls on the Wild Magic table. In addition, my new Lodge is apparently the site for the newest 'Aspected Background Count' (not sure how that works quite yet), and anytime I cast a spell, I cause a BGCount of 2+ in the area, and anywhere I go, a BGCount of 1+ stays for at least an hour after my leaving the area. nyahnyah.gif

Anyhows, just hadda post cause I think it's cool that I'm a walking background count and the center point for Wild Magic. wink.gif

Told the GM I'd not Quicken any more spells though (1 really wanted to break 100 karma), and work on advancing other aspects of my character. nyahnyah.gif MEanwhile, guess I gotta look into getting storage cells of FAB-III to clean up my having been someplace (or hope a team mate learns Cleaning). nyahnyah.gif

I think the GM made a good call on the walking background count thing... just having a heated argument in an area can create a background count of 1.
The Wild Magic thing could actually be a bit fun and sometimes to your advantage.

What are the new spells?
3 new spells are WP +6 (3 rerolls on 24 dice)
Combat Sense +6 (1 reroll on 24 dice)
Deflect +6 (1 reroll on 24 dice)

End Combat Pool: 24

Cheezy/Munckiny, but fun to do. wink.gif

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