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Full Version: a question about drakes
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The Synthcat
Are drakes immortal ( unaging) ? Somewhat, it would make sense that dragons choose to make their servants immortal. Take the IEs for instance. However, 'immunity to age' is not written in the list of powers drakes possess ( in Dragons of the sixth world ) but it is written for Erhan's daughter in Harlequin's back. So, it would mean that IEs are immortal and drakes aren't. But then, 'immunity to age' is not written for dragons either. Since it would be pretty bloody for dragons to create servants potentially much more powerful than they are ( isn't it written somewhere in the 'evil overlord' list of things not to do ? ), can we suppose that dragons are immortal too, even if 'immunity to age' is not written as a power they possess ? But now, what about drakes ?
Of course, dragons could merely be very long lived naturally. Is the life expectancy of dragon's anywhere (canon or non)? If they can expect to live for thousands of years (and may get more powerful as they age), then 'immunity to aging' isn't really needed.

The Synthcat
Then, can I assume it would be the same for drakes ? It is said that some drakes went to sleep with their dragon master when the level of mana dropped too much. I was wondering if some did just like the IEs and spent that time active. Drakes are not dual-nature in their metahuman form, so could some possibly have survived like the IEs ? Of course, they'd have lost the ability to shift in their drake form and cast spells while the mana level was too low...
For Drakes, I suppose that depends on whether they're True or Bred Drakes. True Drakes are basically created like PC's do Ally Spirits, so I could see them not aging naturally. Bred Drakes though are the bastard offspring of a metahuman and Drake Pattern from the Fourth World and since they're born normall, I'd say they'd probably age and die normally as well. all of this is IMHO of course. smile.gif

Well Alamaise was apparently around in the Second Age IIRC, and they're a couple thousand years or so long each I think. So yeah, they're pretty long lived. smile.gif Immortal is another matter.
One wonders if IEs are truly immortal, or if sometime a few thousand years down the line they'll finally start kicking the bucket.
Regardless, Dragons aren't about to start dropping from old age anytime soon.

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