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Full Version: Face-making program thing
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A while back, someone posted a link to one of those nifty face-making programs, like the kind used to come up with pictures of suspects from witnesses. And I can't for the life of me find it with the search function. So, would anyone be kind enough to post that link again?
I also remember something that can be used to make superheros and whatnot. Anyone remember what that one was too?

(sorry to hijack the thread, I just didn't want to create a new one about something so similar)
Ol' Scratch
The HeroMachine is what you're talking about, Grey.

As for the face portrait program, I don't know. Do you remember which one it was? There's quite a few out there.
Well, here's the response to the hero generator-

Hero Generator
Crusher Bob
Faces might be what you are looking for, not sure where a direct link is though.
Faces direct link
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