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This is a little different question from the last location thread posted. I'm curious as to where, specifically, your teams are based out of. In some of my past games (both as player, and as GM), the team has come together to obtain some form of communal operating facility. Usually, it includes vehicle repair bays, weapon and equipment storage, various workshops, etc.

One game I was in went so far as to include underground firing ranges, communal living areas, offices, summoning and ritual magic chambers, weaponsmithing workshops, electronic workshops, vehicle garages, helipad, and a drone launchstrip.

Another I was involved in formed from the rigger wanted a firehouse to live in. Plenty of space to store his vehicles and drones, as well as plenty of living space, and beer-storage.

Yet a third went online, downloaded floorplans for an old YMCA in Seattle (IRL), and converted it into a safehouse/base of ops.

Of course, most of these concepts were fleshed out much more fully, as I tend to play with and GM for a group of players who become greatly obsessive/compulsive over these kind of details. But the question still stands: do any of you have similar experiences with our groups? What sorts of ideas do your players have for their places of residence, safety, and hobby?
My current character just bought a new maglock for his door, strapped a low altitude parachute on the patio, and put a kevlar liner under the coffee table. That's about it.
I've played a campaign once where the players pooled together for a old firehouse they converted. However the since most of the times we all play multiple characters, everyone usually fends for themselves and has multiple safehouses. Specifically at least one that no other members of the group know about. Just in case wink.gif
Dim Sum
Specifically ... it's varied from just a run-down half-demolished block in the Barrens which the PCs paid local gangers to chase strangers off to a C-5-like heavy cargo lifter serving as mobile but permanent base, to a decommissioned ballistic missile submarine on the exotic extreme.
My main character is based out of an old Utilities and control room for the seattle subway connected to the ork underground.

he is well known in the underground and well liked by the powers that be.

My sniper has a appartment in the city but likes the old ranger station he has out in salish lands
We follow the trail of the wily nuyen. Right now we just finished a bit of biz in
Chico-Orville CFS and are headed down to do some work in Big Sur. In 6 months
game time we are headed for the Virgin Islands to meet a contact and hopefully
pick up a reward for something we did a while back.

I enjoy the travelling/on the road campaign. It always seemed silly to me that there are so many Shadowrun teams hanging around Seattle waiting for work when there is a wide world of opportunity available. ( And you get to use all those location sourcebooks in your game. biggrin.gif )
They made a security firm in Seattle in an old building, but still usable.
If they will acquire reputation, most probably Lone Star will kick them out for messing with their business smile.gif
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