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I seen on Raygun page "Submachine Guns" and "Machine Guns". SubM need Submachine Guns Skill but Machine Guns need SubM skill too or Heavy Weapons 'cause they are mainly mounted on tripod ?

Thanks cyber.gif
"Machine Guns" fall under the Heavy Weapons skill.
Thanks ! I was not sure but now, I am smile.gif
Also, dont you roll gunnery for firing anthing off a vehicle? If you have an ak 98 attached to a mount on your boat it would be gunnery as oposed to assault rifles?

Or is it still considered AR skill?

(I once had a GM who would make us roll gunery for anythind that fired faster than SA if we were on a vehicle. (poor physad with an smg's of 8 had to roll 2 dice on that one))


BUt that last one I do not agree with and our team eventually convinsed the gm to get rid of that rule. I dont know where he got it.
Well, if it's fixed to the vehicle and operates as part of the vehicle, yes.

Blazing out of the back? I'd say no.
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