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Full Version: Campaign in-brief/handout
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So, I've tried writing these things out before but...

... well, I think its rather too long. The only thing I can think of is that I'm trying too hard to meld a document to bring newbies up to speed on Shadowrun AND tell more exprienced players what 'changes' to look out for. Not that I consider most of these to actually BE changes, they are just my spin on existing institutions and gap fillers. Working with the books I have (Main rules and anything with more toys, really... not much setting expansion, sadly) I know I won't match up with the canon ninja on things like how the 'Star operates, what Organized crime really looks like (by Canon).

Anyway: Essentially, I'd like some help breaking it down the bare bones of what really needs to be said to help a player, new or old, feel at home in Spike's Shadowrun. So without further Ado:

[ Spoiler ]
interesting. more on the star than i would expect...

you dont have an AR section? you may want to add at least a paragraph on AR and the matrix.
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