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I got to thinking about this after posting about FastJack and his probable use of leonization as I'm also under the impression people like Damien Knight have taken advantage of it...

What ever happened to it in SR3? It didn't make it into Man and Machine...has it shown up anywhere, has it been stricken from the system or does Shadowtech still stand?

Personally, I've always just figured Shadowtech still stood until superceded, but I was all of a sudden wondering if it was something else, especially since people that didn't play in SR2 might have no idea what it is...heh.

I kind of have a feeling something may have been addressed in SOTA:2063, but it's the only SR3 book I don't have..
You're right, that's where it is. I think they renamed it though, and reference the "Leo" bit.

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it's in SOTA2063 pg 26. It goes by the name of Age Rejuvenation, and costs about 2.6 million with a street index of 2.5. It's considered gene therapy and costs 1 bio index. Not cheep at all, but if you really want it...
Man, I sold a player that for, like 150k.
Ah, poop.
That's not too different from what I remember in Shadowtech. I remember a rpice of like 4 or 5 million nuyen, but I don't think that had a street index. I suppose the bio index has replaced the max number of treatments then? Hopefully I can get ahold of a copy of SOTA:2063 this month, as it's on the top of my list.
IIRC, there's still a max number of times you can take it before your genes/body rebel and start going all fucky.
Yes, but the way it works if you have half a brain in your head you can multiply your lifespan a significant amount, hundreds of years... virtually ensuring a violent and or painful death because you aren't going to have it happen in your sleep.
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