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Hey guys, been a while since I've been on DSF, love the new look nyahnyah.gif

Anyway, i've been bouncing around the idea of an Uber-campaign where I run my party through every Adventure from '50 to '64. I'll be running it all in 3rd Ed, and converting 1st and 2nd ed content as appropriate.

Yes, I know the PCs will be giving your average earthdawn PC a run for their money by the end of this, but it's all part of the fun.nyahnyah.gif

Basically what i'm asking for is a list of all the adventures in chronological order. If anyone can help me with this, it would be much appreciated.

You're insane!

Welcome to the club. biggrin.gif wink.gif silly.gif

I'm not certain that this list is complete but it's a good start: I hope it helps and I wish your players luck. They're going to need it. biggrin.gif

This is the page you are looking for:

Man, that is an ambitious goal. You should keep a journal and post updates. It would be cool to read how it all goes down (and if they can survive the whole ordeal).

Are your players all new to the game? If not some of them might remember the plot lines...

[Edit] If you do a google search for "shadowrun timeline" there are a number of wiki-type sites with overarching timelines that you might find helpful. There used to be a really cool interactive timeline (back in the SR archive days IIRC) where you could input key words and it would pull up relevant dates, but I can't seem to find it. Might not be online anymore...
That's what I've been doing since I came back to Ilinois. During the first several months, we only met once a month, so I they usually only made it through half to a whole module per session. For the past year, we've been meeting every other Saturday (sometimes there's a break because of RL stuff). In the past year, we've covered almost half the published modules and 6 years of game time (I use the optional training rules).

I have a 27 page campaign journal highlighting everything the team has done in those adventures. There have been several deaths thoughout the course of the campaign and they've made a few enemies here and there, but they're still moving along.

I use the timeline for the adventures the others have posted, but only for the modules directly related to canon history.
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