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Full Version: Knight Errant & Lone Star Standard Issue Weapons, Armor
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What are the standard weapons and armor for a KE and LS border patrol team? Playing in Denver, and the info about what they pack (much to the dismay of runners) isn't overly clear, at least by the core rules.



First I'd suggest making the boarder patrol members of the various national militaries not LS or KE. Boarder security is one of those things I'd have a tough time imagining privatized.

It really depends on how militarized you want Denver to be. I'd say, Armoured Jackets, an Assault Rifle, milspec comlink, and smartgoggles with a few other toys (lowlight ect.) built into them. Possibly a Jazz popper too.

I can't picture much more than that simply because of the potential for an international incident that would arise if tank divisions were staring at each other from across the street. Boarder guards arn't actually meant to stop an invasion or some such. They're there to keep an eye on the people going back and forth across it.

Patrols themselves would probably be about the same just mounted in a Humvee style truck and a pintle mounted HMG for back up.
If its a military team, you'd probably expect lots of Lockheed optic-X, Renaku Stormclound, and those hunterkiller drones from aresenal to be floating around putting lots of eyes in the sky, in addition to whatever else it is they do.
They're the CAS and UCAS sector security forces in Denver. I'm pretty sure that LS "normal" law enforcement would be packing Thunderbolts (unless they've changed that) and some sort of medium armor. What about KE? Have they standardized what they carry? At that point, I can probably estimate what the sector security would consist of.
Whenever I've dealt with KE I've always given them Ares Predators, Ares brand armoured vests/jackets, a security helmet, stun batons, and a halfway decent comlink. They'll have an Ares Alpha in the car or security station. Keep the Jazz inhaler.

If your players like to pick fights with the cops I'd up them to light security armour but that's about it. If you can track down a copy (or if it's available as a PDF) I'd pick up the Lone Star sourcebook. It's 2nd (or maybe early 3rd) edition but as a primer on how the cops work in the sixth world it's invaluable.
One of the SOTA: 206x-books also has a good part about police procedures in it (and maybe about their equipment too).
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