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Full Version: Vehicle Armor Hardened?
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Vehicles do not need to resists damage unless the modified DV of the attack exceeds their armor rating. Couple of questions about this.

1. Is there any difference between hardened armor and vehicle armor? In previous editions it was specifically stated that vehicle armor was hardened, but that was avoided in 4ed for some reason.

2. It appears that short bursts are the only attacks that don't count towards the modified DV for comparing against armor. Is that correct? Do long and full bursts add to the DV for comparing if the vehicle should have to resist? Does firing a long burst or fully-auto at a vehicle help get through it's armor?

3. Does this mean that a vehicle with say 10 armor, and say 20 body, never has to resist damage if it rams something at the lowest speed category. (since the damage to the ramming vehicle will always be half it's body, in this example, 10.) If that's the case, do the passengers need to resist the damage still, or not?


Mr. Unpronounceable
1) No difference that I'm aware of.

2) Narrow bursts don't help penetration - it doesn't matter if they're short, long, or full-auto. Wide bursts don't add to the damage, but make it harder to avoid, thus getting more net hits on the attack test which do add to penetration.

3) Haven't really read up on ramming - hasn't come up in any games I've run or played.
people in a vehicle will have a SERIOUS problem if they are not buckled in. inertia will send them flying, for nasty damage.

'no damage' can result in superficial damage for a vehicle- scratched paint and dented bumpers. it just dosent reduce any of a vehicles capabilities.
vehicle armor is identical to normal armor, except as far as anti-vehicle weaponry is concerned.

however, since normal armor reduces attacks with a DV of less than it's own to stun damage, and vehicles don't have a stun track, you get the same effect as hardened armor.

as far as the passengers inside, technically a strict reading of the raw says that if the vehicle takes no damage, they don't either. personally, i would probably have it depend. if the vehicle slammed into a lightweight barrier and smashed right through, the people inside would take little or no damage. if it slammed into a 10 foot thick concrete wall, on the other hand, the people inside would be facing considerably more damage (unless of course they're in a huge vehicle that would smash right through that barrier and barely even notice it's presence... but i don't think anything like that is likely to ever come into play)
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