If your group is anything like mine than it seems like half the fun in playing Shadowrun is reliving some of the old memories of favorites runs of old. Like the time when you took down that helicopter with a with your Ares Alpha via a full-auto burst to the cockpit while leaning out the window of your riggers vehicle during a high speed pursuit. Or if your more like my group, the time your troll decided it would be a good idea to board the subway with in full camo toting an extra-large bow (actually happened). Or even worse stuff. I know the old CLUE files used to be full of this kind of stuff.

Well were always doing this, so I though I might record everbodys recollections of some of their favorite moments for your enjoyment. As always its up at my podcast, This is Shadowrun. Not to long either. We would love to hear what you guys think and here some your stories as well! I think we'll do it again in a couple weeks as well since (inevitably) we will be talking about our favorite runs again later.