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Full Version: Bookstore selling SR sourcebooks in NYC?
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Hi there!

Next week, I shall be in the lucky situation of going to New York for a week. Coming from Germany, where the licensing situation is still somewhat chaotic, I hope to finally get my hands on the latest Shadowrun releases we are still waiting for over here (Emergence, Augmentation, Arsenal, ...). The problem I have is obvious: I don't know any bookstores yet to retrieve the books from and I don't know if I will have enough time to look for them... That's why I'd be really grateful if you could give me some names and adresses of bookstores selling Shadowrun sourcebooks in NYC (preferably Manhattan).

Thanks in advance!
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When I'm down in NYC, I usually stop by The Compleat Strategist. It's on East 33rd Street, not far from the Empire State Building.
Echo that. TCS are pretty good, and depending on availability, you can place an order and they try to get it form the distributor before you leave town. Happened once or twice with some Osprey books I had to get for my dad.

There's also Neutral Ground, but I think they focus more on wargaming and CMG's. Never been there myself
Thank you very much, folks! I visited both of them. This is my experience, in case it will be of help to anybody in the future.
The Compleat Strategist has a pretty good sortiment of Shadowrun books, especially concerning 4th edition. Unfortunately, is still up to 10$ cheaper, so it's worth comparing. wink.gif
Neutral Ground is more specialised in other RPs. They only have the Core Rulebook but promised me to order the Augmentation (even though I told them I would not be around for much longer *g*). According to their own words, they can obtain anything within a week.

Neutral Grounds' specialty is cards. I have a family friend who goes there religiously and I've never heard her say they run any kind of RPG seriously. They make an ungodly killing on Magic, though.
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