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Full Version: Famous items and the possibility...
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Interested in hearing people's views on various artworks, constructions, etc, that could concievably be foci in the awakened world.

For instance -

The Venus of Willendorf?
- "It's a prized artifact!"
"You bet your sweet ass it is, it's got a power rating of "God + 2"
"It's a what?"
"Ok, translation then..uh, It's now called "Deep-fry-a-Sammy," Got it?"

The Liberty Bell?
-If it still exists. Could imagine those Alamo 2000 types licking it clean each day...

The Thinker?
-I mean, You've got enough people looking at that bint that Harly painted (You know, the one with no teef?) it's halfway to becoming a damn totem. Why not something by Rodan?

The Star of India?
-Just manage to get it away from the royal family and you're laughing. And with the life expectancy of a mayfly.

The prototype Rubik's cube?
- Now, that'd be fun to roleplay. But if you take the stickers off, it twists you into about 6 different dimentions. Woo, Ideas happening...

Bogart's Oscar?
-Or the Duke's....

The first Model T/ Mustang?
- Leading the way to Rigger Adeptism...

Cooks' Sextant?
- pH33r his l33t Navigation skillz....

The bullets from Kennedy's head?
- Whoa. Who else felt a disturbance in the force..?

Hitler's Teeth?
-'Nuff said there too.

The Death masks of Nephretii (sp?) and Tutankhamen.
-See the "God foci +2" reference above.

Eddison's first lightbulb?
-Power foci, natch. grinbig.gif

Ideas, comments, flame?

Maybe not focii to start with.

But they would be easy to enchant with to high power levels.
QUOTE (Tiralee)
Cooks' Sextant?
- pH33r his l33t Navigation skillz....

I know it's time for me to crash when I skimmed this and saw a porno title in the making...

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