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Full Version: Cybereyes Capacity and Modifications
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Was building a Cyber Sammy this weekend, and it the dumb realization came that cybereyes means 2 eyes, and the enhancements are capacity and cost for 1 eye. So the question is what modifications would be viable in one eye, and which would have to be placed on both eyes.

Both Eyes - Infravision, Low-Light Vision, Protective Covers, Vision Enhancement, Flare Compensation
One Eye - Smart-Link, Image Link, Vision Magnification

As I see it basically anything that is an overlay can be placed on a single eye (recommended dominant eye), Vision Magnification is also there since its going to be a complete digital reconstruction of your vision (digital telescope style). Anything else if not placed in both eyes will give less of a bonus or an incomplete bonus if not placed in both eyes, or more likely will cause nausea even without Simsense Vertigo.
Where do you get the idea that the listed enhancements and capacity is meant for a single cybereye by default?
Probably skipped reading p. 332 second sentence of second paragraph in the "Eyeware" section that states "For both replacements and retinal mods, upgrades usually involve both eyes so the user’s vision is not unbalanced." and the implications of that.
I know in my games, if a character has a mod in 1 eye and not the other, when he goes to use that mod I would give him a -1 to all dice rolls due to the fact that he would have balance and sight issues while doing so.

for example, if you where using vision magnification in one eye and infravision in the other, you would barely be able to walk straight as you could not focus on a single object, and I'd make the total modifier -2 if the infravision in the other eye was active at the same time. Human eyes act as 1 single entity, this is what gives us the ability to focus, maintain balance and coordinate ourselves. walk around for an hour with one eye closed, you can't judge distances and you have a tendancy to drift in the direction of the open eye because thats what you can see. now imagine if you had 2 eyes that focused on different object, with different vision capabilities.

Good luck walking, let alone trying to slip past a guard unnoticed while keeping an eye on your mark.

my interpretation of the rules is that capacity is for both eyes combined, iirc, the capacity for a single cybereye from augmentation is exactly half of the full cbereyes package
there was an whole entry in man and machine regarding single cyber-eye-systems, just port that over i would say O.o
QUOTE (Fortune @ Mar 10 2008, 09:33 AM) *
Where do you get the idea that the listed enhancements and capacity is meant for a single cybereye bt default?

QUOTE (DireRadiant @ Mar 10 2008, 09:37 AM) *
Probably skipped reading p. 332 second sentence of second paragraph in the "Eyeware" section that states "For both replacements and retinal mods, upgrades usually involve both eyes so the user’s vision is not unbalanced." and the implications of that.

So if you have a single cybereye (which in fact has half the capacity), do you half the capacity cost on a mod? Do you half the price? "Usually Involve" both eyes, so sometimes you do it for one eye, sounds to be more of the recommendation that you should modify both eyes, not that you buy one eye get the second free for no space cost. We read the paragraph and that led to this realization, if the single cybereye had a capacity of 16 as well it would make sense that you don't have to pay for both eyes.
It's entirely up to you to do what you want. I suspect most people do eyes in pairs, and all the costs and capacities as pairs.

If you choose to do something different, then go ahead. It's simpler to do it as pairs.

Splitting it up makes it seem to be along the lines of getting freebies, or two for the price of one, and it adds complexity to the building and tracking, and isn't supported in most example characters or templates.

You may also want to look at Augmentation, which has the following on page 38
"Some people, however, require only one of their eyes to be replaced
with an artificial one; in these cases, single cybereyes are available.
In stressful or highly active situations such as combat or running,
single cybereye enhancements provide only half their usual bonuses
(round down). Using single cybereye vision enhancements
in less stressful situations—when the character can concentrate to
discern the confusing visual data provided by two different kinds
of vision or is easily able to close his natural eye—may be done
without these penalties (at the gamemaster’s discretion)."

And on p. 37 in Augmentation there is a table of costs and capacity for single cyber eyes.

Since the single cybereye option is in Augmentation, I'd use that version instead of your interpretation of the main rule book.
I've always done it before as just buy it once for both eyes, but my GM brought me the book this weekend for some questions (I'm the rules lawyer of the group), and was pointing these out.

The Augmentation paragraph does explain how to apply uneven modifiers in eyes.

Does Aug have different costs/capacity for single eye enhancements? (Damn not having my book with me at work)
If it doesn't, without cost/capacity adjustments it rules that you are paying twice the price for half the benefits by only getting one eye. So your best bet is to buy 2 cybereyes, only install half the hardware capacity (which would be the capacity of a single cybereye, but applies to both) Then install one in yourself, and sell the other to make back all your enhancement prices and the money for the extra eye. So for the price of a single eye you get it filled for free. Of course you probably won't be able to get 100% payment, but probably 50% for it being brand new never used. Half price enhancements. You still only get half the benefits but at least you're making money back, the capacity is just expensive. How about if I keep the other eye in my pocket? Can I install the full capacity for the pair of eyes, but only get half benefits on the enhancements? These are all ridiculous, I know.

Perhaps the better rationalization is that for 2 cyberyes they act as a single processing unit, where as for a single cybereye all of the processing has to be contained within a single cybereye. That would make the equal cost/capacity make sense. If you put it into a computer hardware instead of just seeing everything as another lens. Cybereyes are basically cameras that process it through hardware placed in either eye, and the eyes can share the information so either eye can process it. This takes care of the buying two eyes and selling to get some money back, but then it carrying the extra eye in your pocket still works. That one I'd just rule out because it is just that, ridiculous, and an eye in your pocket doesn't provide the DNI necessary. Now though if I add a third Cybereye, my capacity is now 3x, and modifications will apply to all three eyes. I'm a freak, but lots of hardware. I don't know the price adjust for another eyes, vs upping the rating if it would actually be cost effective... But it is the way it would work I'm pretty sure.
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