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Full Version: Vehicle Autosoft Interpretation Systems
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Quick question regarding Autosoft System that has arisen in tonight's game:

Page 142 of R3 states that the autosoft can be 'transmitted through the remote control network and then loaded into the autosoft interpretation system's memory to be used'. It also states that the processing power and memory is equal to its pilot rating x2.

Firstly, at what rate can this program be downloaded across the remote network?

Secondly, if average drone has a pilot of 2 that means it has a memory of 4 (pilot x 2) ... way too small to hold an autosoft like Clearsight that has a multiplier of x6. Should this size in Mp just be ignored when transferring to a drone across a network, instead looking at the ratings?

I guess that the rigger's RC deck should have enough free memory to hold the entire program to download in the first place - but is the download immediate?

The answer's probably not complex but i'm bombed after a hard night of GMing spin.gif
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doesn't any book say anything on wireless connection speeds? probably dos... somebody will know wink.gif
on the size, what if much of the functions are hardcoded in the chips and not take up any memory space, not that wouldn't be very realistic for future computer systems, but might be a solution for the problem?
I had this question too... Essentially where it says processing power and memory it's not talking about memory in Memory Pulses, just in program ratings.

IE a vehicle with an autosoft interpretation system and pilot of 3 could use 3 rating 2 programs, 2 rating 3 programs, 6 rating 1 programs, or any combination which simultaniously sums to 6 without having any program greater than rating 3.

The one exception to this would seem to be the autosoft used on the Toyota MK-Guyver Search and Rescue robot which for some reason can use a rating 6 autosoft with a rating 3 pilot.

I'd use the rules in the matrix book for connection speeds (the 200MP/round listed as as a radio link's I/O speed seems reasonable).
QUOTE (20thCenturyFox)
I guess that the rigger's RC deck should have enough free memory to hold the entire program to download in the first place
Storage Memory for an RC Deck is Mpx6 nuyen.gif Avail: 2/24h, SI: 1

Use this to add more memory to your drone?

As for the transmission speeds... the only upload times I could find that relate to drones was this from p 42, R3:
"Configuring a drone to a subscriber list (not to be confused with affiliating one to a list) requires the appropriate datafile. Accessing the appropriate file takes about 30 seconds and doesn't require a skill test"

As for the size of this file:
"Programming a subscriber list takes several minutes ... To determine the base time required for the task, multiply the number of drones on the list by 2; the result is the base time expressed in minutes."

If it takes only minutes to program this file, it probably isn't the largest file, but it takes 30 seconds to upload. Skillsofts are fairly sizeable. IMO I would have it take at least as long as uploading the configuration file ... i.e. an out-of-combat thing.
Shouldn't RC decks have a pretty decent connection speed, sending simsense back and forth and all? I mean, lag would be a bitch when doing aerial combat.
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