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Full Version: 425 Build Point PhysAd/Street Sam
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Counter Weight
It's been many years since I've last logged onto DSF, and after creating a new account and getting through a few threads I am hoping someone can help me out. I have yet to play SR4, but have been invited to sit down with a group that has been playing SR4 for sometime now. I have played previous editions, but quite honestly it's been sometime.

I am looking to find a premade character or suggestions for building a character that weighs in between 400 and 425 build points. I possess the main SR4 book in PDF format, but otherwise have no fourth edition books.

I'll be experimenting with some generation programs I've found online, but honestly I still don't have a feel for the game yet-so I'm not sure that what I'm building will be what I want to build. As to what I am hoping to build:

"Six Shot"

Demetrius Givens was born with everything against him-no pops to teach him right from wrong, his moms was busy trickin' and not too terribly interested in raising a kid, let alone the three that she had. Demetrius was the oldest of three boys and quickly had no choice but to be responsible for his younger siblings. He started as a shorty, looking out for the police while the bigger kids sold, or jacked stuff. But always big, and fast for his age he quickly moved from being a hopper to being muscle. He spent much of his early years in and out of trouble, often escaping from Juvenile Homes and detention Centers, only to end up on the same corners.

He learned to fight with his fists, and even learned how to use a pistol-but neither with any professional grace. although naturally talented with close combat, and even pistols, his real talent lay in being streetwise. Knowing when to shut up, knowing who the biggest baddest dog on the street was, and where to score what.

When Demetrius turned sixteen he killed his stepfather, using six shots to kill the older man. (Hence his nickname, Six Shot.) He was found guilty of Negligent Homicide, and spent the next six years in prison. Real prison. For keeping quiet about other things he was allowed to join with his gangs prison contacts, and seek both their protection and the learning the skills that they could teach him. He learned to be a better criminal, hardened and cold.

Now he's back on the streets, no parole-no probation. He's been hitting the stacks behind the walls, and he's rock hard and ready to be back in the game.

Okay any help in making this would be appreciated, obviously the above biography was abbreviated and not everything I plan on doing with him-as I haven't finished fleshing him out yet. But it serves to get us started. Thanks in advance for any useful comments!
Build what you think is what you want. Post it. We shoot it down... ahem, we give you advice how to bring him closer to what we think you want. smile.gif

Look into similar posts to get a template how to write the character down.
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