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Full Version: Dating a Shadowrunner
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Man falls in love with Colombian girl, Colombian girl kills people for money.

This is the way I imagine people feel when they find out they've been seeing a runner. Pretty good read.
This is just like the porn industry. The reason everyone in the industry dates each other is...its so much easier to explain what you do. Most people just dont get it, or cant handle it.
Nice article. Thanks for sharing! smile.gif
Kyoto Kid
...pretty powerful.
They're both idiots. Marylin is an idiot for not keeping her mouth shut and either using her boyfriend for information or shooting him in the head (actually a double-idiot for also not putting claymore mines at all the entrances to her room before she went to sleep so that they'd wake her up if someone tried to break in). Jason P Howe is an idiot for not saying "Cool! Can I go on a mission with you?"
QUOTE (hyzmarca @ Mar 15 2008, 10:40 AM) *
Jason P Howe is an idiot for not saying "Cool! Can I go on a mission with you?"

Word! biggrin.gif
Anyone watching the obits for this one?

Fygg Nuuton
I would have written the book "How to score a hot, third world assassin and not be killed". Would have been a best seller.
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