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Full Version: Corporate / Munincipal Security Forces
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Okay, I've got the basics, like

Lone Star
Knight Errant
-Hard Corps
??? Eagle
??? Wolverine
CAT Seraphim
Renraku Red Samurai
Sioux Wildcats
Tir Ghosts
CAS Rangers

What other city/corp/govt groups are there, above and beyond the rent-a-cops?

UCAS Green Berets get mention in SoNA.

The Aztechnology warrior orders- Jaguar, Eagle and something else.
The SEALs are still alive and well -- Atlanta still has a city police force.

Crimsondude 2.0
That reminds me. I hated the police structure they set up in Manhattan in NAGNA. Three police forces (KE, Winter Systems, NYPD, Inc.), with patrols consisting of two cops--each from different corps?!? F, man.

NOPS in New Orleans.
Atlantic Security was in Miami. I don't recall what the status is now, after the... unpleasantness with AtSec's parent corp.
Eagle used to be Chicago. I don't recall any contracts they have held otherwise, or since.

T:SH mentioned that once you get out into what some of us call the "heartland" (aka the flyover states), there are actually municipal police departments that didn't sell out. And sherriffs, who are (with few if any exceptions) generally elected and run the real backwater burgs.

But if you want a list of all of the government ones, I'll just say this now: There are over two dozen federal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. Minus DEA, many of them are still likely to be around.
I was just wond'ring about the new kids, I've had to memorize those other agencies...DEA, ATF, BNC...damned alphabet soup. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Diesel)

The ATF got changed to the BATTF - Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Telesma and Firearms. Basically anything that's regulated but can be naughty if transported across state lines without the right say-so or sold to the wrong guy.
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