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Full Version: Shadowrun or Dumpshock IRC
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I like the IRC network, I think it can be used for everything from discussing game concepts, to playing full sessions.

Do we have an official home on IRC?

If not, are there any plans to make one?
Well, I have registered #dumpshock on and we have a few chatters in there right now. The channel is up ad running, and (if the dumpshock community gives it their blessing) I'm happy for it to become the official DS IRC channel.

I was originally hoping that some dumpshoc admins might come along, and I'll give them ops etc. Offer is still open.

Otherwise, there's nothing official.
there was a at one time, and there was (is?) a #shadowrun undernet channel...
The server is gone with the big DS blowup a while back. it never got restarted.

There are a few people on, refugees as you were smile.gif
any chance of the server being revived?

if they need ops I'd be willing to donate some of my time, I'm looking for a good IRC channel to regular, i've gotten bored of the ones I used to go to
Does DS need a dedicated IRC server/network for hosting a couple of channels?

No reason not to just use an existing network, and have a proper #dumpshock channel - that way the network is already maintained by <whoever was maintaining the network already>, and all you need are a few chan-ops.

Come on ... #dumpshock - you know you want to wink.gif

"<It_trolls> If we'd called the channel #toreadorstrollbunraku, maybe more people would join!"
Good channel. Good people there. Relaxed atmosphere and all your other traditional RPG channels as well. Worth it.

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