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Full Version: Ares presenting: The Sliverstorm
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The Jopp
Weapon Name: Ares Viper Sliverstorm
Weapon Type: Heavy Pistol
Firing Mode: SA/BF/FA
Cost: 1300Y
Clip Capacity: 38

The Sliverstorm is the big brother of the Slivergun. Built in 2066 as a one-shot conversion became an instant hit and the gun became a standard in 2068 – but not without any drawbacks.

It’s ability to use automatic fire and extended clip made it a winner but it’s lack of recoil compensation made it highly inaccurate and the pricetag didn’t help either.

Still, the weapon has had a huge success in wilderness territories due to it compact size and ability to take down large predators or maim an entire pack of devilrats in the barrens with one salvo.
I would want the slivergun's big brother to actually be a bigger gun. The slivergun is already a heavy pistol after all. To me, sliverstorm says SMG or AR. And large scale flechette weapons (outside of shotguns) are largely absent from this game!

Also, it is really hard to see the word slivergun or sliverstorm and not have your brain convert it into silver... Stupid brain sleepy.gif
Dude, you forgot the slightly amped muzzle velocity (Damage code 9P/+5), and that special slivers with superior penetration capability (AP -3) are available, even if they can´t be used with the smaller Slivergun.

So you tell your GM that you bring your silver gun. His mind will to the corrections, and you whip out your silver PAC when he is absolutely not prepared (Remember to pencil in "silver" before PAC on your sheet, else the trick won´t work).
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