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Full Version: My Favorite RL Drone
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This strikes me as an infantry man's dream. The kind of mobility this thing demonstrates in uncanny, it's payload is delicious, and it's cute as a button even without a face. With a payload of 350 it could easily be used to evacuate causalities with all their gear. Slap some armor and some weaponry and we'd really be cooking with fire.
Heath Robinson
The main thing to worry about is its operating time; it's not going to be very useful if it can only walk for 20 minutes without devoting an appreciable fraction of its carrying capacity to carrying its own energy stores.

On the other hand; hah nature, technology improves upon your designs once more!
heh that 2stoke motor is pretty loud

but man that thing is cool
it's kinda eerie how "alive' it seems what with the self adjustments and such
I haven't heard much discussion about power supplies and what not but that's a serious concern. I'd also be concerned if it was using a loud ass internal combustion engine to get around. Still it gives a lot more mobility to troops and their gear.
I know they're working on the running bits, but it really needs to be faster before it gets put to good use.

And quieter. Much quieter.

makes me wish this was real...
Here's some actual RL drone that you can buy...

Just attach the newly-patented dye grenade for extra kicks...
Daier Mune
its a freakin' sweet robot they've got there. the noise it makes, makes me think of Dumb and Dumber "Hey...You wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?"
yeah, my computer thankfully cut out the noise on that vid for some reason. The noise is an issue. I'd hate to do a 15 mile hump with that thing screaming behind me.
Looks like Miami police is starting to use eye in the sky drones. So it begins... well not really, but I just wanted to say that. wobble.gif
old news.

NASA seconded their Predator UAV to California to help fight the forest fires earlier this year/late last year. it worked great, because they could see where exactly the fire was, and move resources to fight it.
old news for fire fighting, this is for crime fighting.
Hmmm... next thing you know we'll have it in DC. wooo, that'll be interesting. Maybe miniblimps with cameras, big brother to watch over everyone! wink.gif
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