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Full Version: Spirit Divination Power
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How exactly would you apply the spirit divination power? The problem is that most questions you are going to ask a spirit are going to be of the TN10 high order (What is going to happen in your domain tonight) almost purely because the questions are always talking about the specific domain. What TNs would you give to different divination questions? Would you say that the most vague question already includes the 'in this domain' restriction?
"What important things will happen in this domain this month?"
TN: 6

It's got a wide time limit, and the opportunity for the GM to bring in irrelevant, to metahumanity at least, data.


"Well, someone will disturb my area and put something new in. A whole bunch of people will arrive and spend some time here. The creek will change course."

To a spirit, these'd be big. After all, they are major changes to its home. And to the runner, it can mean several things.

"Ares(or whatever corp) is going to build a building and put a large number of people in it."

Or, "The park service is building a pavilion and a lot of people will come to visit it."
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