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Full Version: Stealthy MystAd
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This all started as kind of mental exercise about how I'd go about making a magical stealth sort. What I decided to try was a mystic adept with a Cat mentor spirit. That let me have the improved ability to bump the infiltrate, spellcasting for the invis/stealth or maybe camoflage/chaotic world, and binding of spirits for Concealment. What I ran into quickly though was the realization that to do it how I wanted to do it, I needed about 500 BP and even then I wasn't happy with it. In either case though, I'm throwing it to you masters of stat-fu to see if there might not be a way to trim and flesh it into something more doable.

Right now, my biggest dislikes of it are the single IP without using inc reflexes, the low Logic and Electronics group, the lack of hand-to-hand ability (sniffle, no silent subduing knockouts), the craptastic ranged dodge of 7 dice and the lack of money to put in some cyber/bio (mostly synaptic and trauma damp) like I'd wanted. It's just spread too thin and comes across as only slightly better than a one-trick pony. Anywho, sorry if someone has previously already posted the uber-stealth build that blows this out of the water and answers all my issues with it, but thanks for any input. So without further ado, let the masterful tearing down and building up begin.

[ Spoiler ]

I'd say that this is another classic case of trying to do too much with a mystic adept. Mystads aren't good at pretending to be full magicians unless you're willing to be a raw Combat Mage and are simply taking Mystic Adept because you intend to ignore Astral abilities and plan on cheesing out Increase Reflexes. You simply end up sinking too many points into skills and splitting your MA nerfs your dicepools too much to make you a very good caster unless you only spend a single point on your Adept powers, which is kinda self-defeating. I'd say your best bet in this case is to choose Sorcery OR Conjuring (I'd favor Conjuring, personally, Spirits have a lot of tricks up their sleeves and it sucks paying bps for each individual spell) and take the Cat or Rat mentors (I prefer Rat). Consider picking Muscle Toners/Platelet Factories or perhaps just Synaptic 2, (I wouldn't take Synaptic 1; just use Jazz in that case) and then splitting your 4 remaining Magic into 2 points on Adept Power Points and 2 MA for casting. A character with Combat Sense 2, Improved Infiltration 2, Counterspelling, Summoning and even more Infiltration dice due to Mentor bonuses can be pretty helpful, especially since you could still summon Force 3 or 4 Spirits fairly consistently if you take the right foci and specializations, which means you can toss Concealment right on top of your already impressive Infiltration pool.

Anyway, here's a sheet I just threw together:

[ Spoiler ]

The sheet took Stealth as a group and it's still tossing 16 dice in Infiltration before Concealment, Chameleon suits and eventual specializations are factored in plus it's got 5 counterspelling dice to help defend against detection magic plus no 'ware to set of scanners or sustained spells setting off wards. It's also quite dodgey when using Gymnastic Dodge. Invisibility and all that other crap is nice, don't get me wrong, but generally if you have a super high infiltration pool you don't really need Invisibility and vice versa. There's always the option of going pure magician and skipping mystic adept powers completely as well.
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