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Full Version: Looking for a certain 3rd party sourcebook
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A long time ago, maybe a year or so, I found a 3rd party sourcebook (.pdf format) on the internet. It had 9 sections, one for magic, one for cyberware, etc etc. It was identifyed by some acronym. I thought I found it on dumpshock, but I can't find it now. I know thats a little vague, but anyone know what I'm talking about and where I can find it again?
I believe what you are looking for is a netbook called 'Running Gear". It can be found here. smile.gif
hm, I don't think thats it unless its changed since I last saw it. The one I found didn't have any graphics at all. Also, it had some acronym name. Thanks though, I still downloaded that.
There's the NERPS series, but that isn't divided into 9 seperate parts as you described.
The site Fortune linked you to is home to a series of netbooks commonly referred to by the acronym NAGEE (the Neo-Anarchists Guide to Everything Else). The "Running Gear" netbook is just one of several such that Gurth and crew put together, you may find you're just looking for one of the other ones.

There's also Adam Jury's semi-regular TSS (The Shadowrun Supplemental) which is normally divided up into sections although it doesn't really fit the profile you mentioned.

There are several other such netbooks out there but those are the most widely known.
I have a nagee collection in 9 parts so I'd guess that would be it.
Nagee is it...good call guys. thanks.
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