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Full Version: No more room, more stuff!
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Pulling every trick in the book you can get an 80% reduction in cyberware essence cost. (biocompatible: cyberware, adapsin, cybersuite reduction, delta-grade cyberware)
(warning, my math skills are infamous so corrections will be met with checking and meekly editing the post)

I'm tired of being able to cram more and more ware into my sams and adepts.

What I want is more ware to make room to cram into them! The interweb used to be crawling with fan-designed cyberware of a quality ranging from hilarious to inept to impressive to campaign-inspiring. I don't really see that anymore. What gives?

I'm looking for opinions mostly on game-balance issues and any areas people feel are unexplored or underexploited regarding ware of all sorts.

Like, what can we learn from studying the symbiotes presented? They all give minor bonuses in niche areas (so far of limited practical application). What if one were to design a new symbiote that gave a similar level of benefit to different fields/rolls/tests/whatever? Anything useful? Anything cool? Anything that seems to make so much sense it would be stupid for the universe to lack it, regardless of irrelevance to runners?

More later, must not flunk out of law school, go insane and convince myself I'm Teachdaire.
like the fold-up-bow in troll-size which fits into a cyberarm? O.o
i'd gladly see something that lets one use more than 2 Cyber-Arms for example *g*
Doesn't Aug have that? Or was that another Man and Machine casualty?

I like the cyber that's presented so far, it seems like good fodder to start a game off and give yourself some decent advancement. But yeah, I DEMAND a SOTA 2072 or something wink.gif Like Stahlseele I want extra arms and othe madness.

I also want the battle tac to come back. Is it in Arsenal? I've introduced a version of it in my game but I miss the old one.
A hindu-god adaptation of a cyber-torso would be rather nifty.

As for stuff that's irrelevant to runners, they included cosmetic cyber/bioware up to and including a cyber-penis. That said, I thinks we can come up with stuff that will work fine in the Sixth World.

When I get access to augmentation in hand again (it's at home, I'm at work, as usual) I'll look things over. My brain isn't remembering any signal boosters or major Rigger-ware, but then I likely glossed over it due to not ever approaching the idea of a rigger. As I'm now working plans in my brain for that, I might have to give it a second look.

Some off the wall rigger-ware I could see would be an adaptation to a vehicle (motorcycle, car, truck, tank, that kind of stuff) that lets the rigger literally plug into it with multiple jackpoints to let him *become* the vehicle. More than just VR, and a step beyond the old VCR's of SR3 and below. Think The Matrix for ideas of the number of jackpoints (arms, legs, spine, base of skull, etc). I dunno. It's extreme, but I'd get a kick out of it. Some corps could go a step further and permanently wire someone into their building. Their security system would almost literally be alive, allowing it to react with crazy efficiency and adaptability.
Prime Mover
Rigger booster is in nanotech section (augmentation) and not compatible with simsense booster cyberware. Battle-Tac I'm almost sure someone said we'd see it in Unwired. Buildings being "alive" sounds alot like what SR has had for awhile with "spyders" supposed to get some luv in Unwired as well.
They have modular Cyber-hands. Why not full modular cyber arms, feet or legs? Or even modular half-arms or half-legs. That way you can mix and match what you need for a specific run. Need a normal cyberarm for a meet? Swap it out! Need that cyber holster in your shoulder this time because you need to be discreet? Swap it out!
And give me back my kid stealth legs!
Oooh! And pogo legs! (not just the hydrolic jack, but actual springy legs would be awesome)
QUOTE (Jhaiisiin @ Mar 25 2008, 01:18 PM) *
They have modular Cyber-hands. Why not full modular cyber arms, feet or legs? Or even modular half-arms or half-legs. That way you can mix and match what you need for a specific run. Need a normal cyberarm for a meet? Swap it out! Need that cyber holster in your shoulder this time because you need to be discreet? Swap it out!

they have that. the modular parts are not cyber-hands, they're cyberlimbs, and include everything from full limb-replacements down to mere hand/foot replacements.

QUOTE (DocTaotsu @ Mar 25 2008, 01:20 PM) *
And give me back my kid stealth legs!

they have those. they just aren't under kid stealth legs anymore, they're called digitigrade legs iirc, they're under modular cyberlimbs also (meaning you can swap them out for normal legs, or other weird legs if you want)

QUOTE (Jhaiisiin @ Mar 25 2008, 01:24 PM) *
Oooh! And pogo legs! (not just the hydrolic jack, but actual springy legs would be awesome)

make up some house rules for those powerspring things, and you can create a modular cyberlimb that has one built in.

it is worth noting, btw, that there is no reason you couldn't have normal-looking modular cyberlimbs that you swap as needed. the cost will get rather prohibitive though.
Ah! Thanks Jaid, totally missed that when I read through.
the halfers are modular since SR4 at least, but taking it one step further for switching out whole arm or leg would not be that much trouble i'd say . . M&M now not Man & Machine but Mix & Match *g*
heck, with Cyborks switching out whole cyber-bodies or just the head has become possible more or less . . so one COULD start by making a tracked drone with an adaption to take the upper body of the specimen deciding to take it that far . . so everything below the navel gets swapped out, your legs are gone and you have the look of a mini-tank with a human torso with head and arms on it . . i am sure i saw something like that in one of the shadowrun books, but i can'T find it for the life of me . . i KNOW it's somewhere in the cyberpunk books . .
I want rocket feet! Is it THAT hard to make me a pair of rocket feet? grinbig.gif
technically you would just have to combine the hover feet with some small vector thrust drone to achieve that . . or with a modified version of the under water jets or however they are called *g*
Build a cybertorso with top of shoulder located vents and a compartment that opens up the back and allows the exhaust, and build in an underwater engine. Go swimming and boom, Red October type propulsion system. smile.gif
It trolls!
For some reason this came to mind:

Not quite what I was thinking, but very humerous. Hell, a whole list of Megaman adaptations could work as cyberware, come to think of it... Now I'm just being silly. *points at It Trolls! for blame and zips off rapidly*
with those cheap laser weapons you could do so much more . . how hard can it be to make a cyber-weapon version of those anyway? *g*
or something like the hover-feet for the whole body on the back-side, so you would actually lie on an air-cushion and be able to "bodyslide [by two]"{bonus nerd-point to all those that get the referende} down any slope ^^
Heath Robinson
Internal release chemical glands that are attuned to periods where the metabolic rate is raised (high intensity situations like sports or combat, but also sex) or lowered (bleeding out, sleep) such that the substance they produce concentrates sufficiently to take effect or lowers in concentration and stops affecting the implantee. It allows for some useful low maintenance specialist applications without encroaching on the territory of auto-injectors all that much. Certainly it'd be expensive, it's going to have to be cultured to customise it to the particular patient and may need to be replaced if something drastic changes inside the patient (metabolic arrester implantation, for example).

Okay, so it's a modification of an existing piece of bioware, it's certainly more useful than existing chemical glands. I thought of it as a way of allowing the effects of a trauma patch to automatically apply to a bleeding out patient, especially useful with a metabolic arrester to protect you in case you don't happen to succeed at stabilising. Other things like a mild tranquiliser to help with the sleeping problems like those that the aforementioned trauma control gland would induce or a chemical gland for a G3 equivalent attuned to operate during strenuous activities would also help many, a depressant to counter adrenaline rushes might be desirable for a great many people in order to help with composure tests (though it'd make a lot of life less enjoyable). Since the impact of chemical glands are pretty freeform anyway, I don't see these effects being all that problematic to handle.
Daier Mune
i'd really like to see more work put into symbiotes, i think they're a pretty cool idea but somewhat limited in thier implimentation. maybe something that can synthesize ultra-hard calcium deposits into darts and make a sort of bio-flechette weapon, or a bio-flamethrower.
are there Bone-spurs in SR4?
that's be something nice, allthough rather Biowhore than Cyberwhore O.o
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