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Well what are the most active Volcanos in the ring of fire. Especially in Hawaii, I guess if you have any extra Shadowrunning knowledge. Like year of the comet names of volcanos exploding that would be cool too.
Well, the island of Hawaii is really just the tallest volcano on Earth- Kileau, which has been active for years now.
Try this site-
Man that was awesomely hopefully. Thanks a lot a knew some Shadowrunner types would know stuff.
Also, the other volcanos in the chain have been inactive for ages. Hawaii is the only active one.

If you plan on playing in Hawaii, remeber all W's are v's (if you speak the language, that is).
Might be worth checking ebay and the like for Paradise Lost (product number 3717), not 3e, but Shadowrun in Hawaii.
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House of the Sun would probably be more helpful than Paradise Lost.
Dash Panther

I took a graduate level earth science class. The Ring of Fire does not include the Hawaiian volcanoes. The Ring of Fire has to do with the volcanoes around the Pacific Basin, where the ocean plates go under the continental plate. Volcanoes usually occur at these kinds of boundaries at the edges of plates.

The Hawaiian volcanoes are an exception to the boundaries tendency. They are formed in the middle of the plate. Those volcanoes are caused by a hot spot that is stationary under the surface. The ocean plate moves along the hot spot, and the hot spot forms an island when the plate is relatively thinner. The chain of Hawaiian islands are all caused by the same hot spot. The southeastern island is the newest one. The rest of the chain came before it. The previous islands that were formed are seamounts or atolls, including Midway. The chain goes up to the tip of Alaska.

How are you thinking of incorporating volcanoes into Shadowrun?
Here's a map of active volcanoes.

If you are looking closer to Seattle remember that Rainier blew its top and the southeast section of Puyallup is still rained on with ash and Hell's kitchen still has active lava flows.
I found this at the [relatively defunct] Hoosier Hacker House, that might be of interest.
I'd like to point out that Kiluea has been errupting since the 3rd of January 1983 and still hasn't stopped (the erruption is almost 21 years old, which is a long time for a volcano erruption). I don't know if the Shadowrun timeline has anything about the erruption ending but it might be interesting to continue it.

Also I wouldn't be surprised if you got Idol worshippers to the various Hawaiian gods. Here is a bit of a touristy gods list. One thing I found interesting was the fact thateven though Pele was the godess of the volcanoes, she couldn't actually make fire (as women were forbidden to in the culture). She had to rely on one of the other gods to do it smile.gif
If you look into the kapu system, it really is wacko with some of the stuff they had to/weren't allowed to do.

Eventually, they pulled down the whole system without replacing it. Made them easy prey for Christian missonaries, unfortunately.
Think of Hawaii as the "pin" that you throw the "ring" of the ring of fire around in a game of ring toss.
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well, don't forget those hairy dwarves from Mu. Maybe the Draconic Lemuria includes every manasite/volcano in the pacific basin, which would naturally mean a focus on the Ring of Fire.
They're menhunes and they have lots of cool stories about them.

You should really read some of the Hawaiian myths. They're pretty durned cool.
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Dinnae forget the '.
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