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Full Version: Ares Redline size
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The Ares Redline is described in Arsenal as a laser pistol. My question-how big is it compared to other guns? Is it operated one-handed?

I always portrayed them as being about the size of a Steyr SPP/Brugger & Thormet TP9. Bulky, yes, but not stupidly so.
hmm . . so one could make this into a cyber-implant weapon then? O.o
add to that body-compartment somewhere with the energy-cells in it and voila o.O
Why not? It's a nice option for an assassin.
and it would make certain character designs much more viable *gg*
Justin Xiang Allaed Liao from Battletech for example . .
or Cyborg from Teen-Titans
Zacharias Foxx from Galaxy Rangers
and probably many many more ^^
Neat! Thanks guys!
It trolls!
You forgot Mega Man!
ah, yes, i really did @.@
shame on me <.< . .
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