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Full Version: Enhanced Protein Exchange
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Maybe this is somewhere already but I'm not finding it.

Within Chapter prices
30k Adapsin
25k Daredrenaline

12k Double Elastin
25k Dynomitan
20k Hyper-Glucagon

20k Magnesense
25k Neo-EPO
15k PuSHeD
25k Qualia
30k Reakt
30k Synch
25k Vasocon

15k Vegsin

Index Tables
40k Adapsin
40k Daredrenaline
12k Double Elastin
30k Dynomitan
25k Hyper-Glucagon
20k Magnesense
35k Neo-EPO
15k PuSHeD
40k Qualia
45k Reakt
40k Synch
30k Vasocon
15k Vegsin

So out of this whole list 4 match between the two. So which price is official?
grinbig.gif You can never go wrong with the more expensive prices.

I'm betting the correct prices are those listed in the appropriate section of the book, as opposed to those listed in the combined tables at the back.
Eyeless Blond
I find it odd how the Logic skill booster (PuSHeD) is so much cheaper than the Intuition skill booster, in both cash and Essence, when Logic adds to so many more skills, and Intuition, though very useful for Perception, is primarily useful for Initiative, which Qualia doesn't help with.

I'm also not sure why Dynomitian and Synch are incompatible, or the two riggerware upgrades. Is this a flavor thing, because there doesn't seem to be a mechanical reason for it.
Genetech costs on pp.89-93 are the correct ones - they were a late change and we missed the charts at the back of the book.
I win! biggrin.gif

I believe the rigger incompatibility issue is going to be rectified in the forthcoming Errata.
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