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Full Version: April Fools 2070
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The email today actually caught me. In my defense I am still half asleep. It's promises of retinal scanners for cheap were too good to pass up! I would post the "show people " link for it but apparently it isn't working atm.

Anywho this made me wonder, what about 2070? Do people still do stupid pranks, or deadly ones?
what kind?
Corp hires a group of runners to extract one of their own employees.

EDIT: The truly daring forget to put the no casualties clause in the contract, big laughs for everyone biggrin.gif
Aztechnology promised to turn over all its Blood mages just a couple of years ago...
The whole Harlequin module felt like a prank...
Wounded Ronin
Shadowrun April Fool's Day = cybered trolls wearing camo erupt out of hiding and spray you down with a submachinegun. However, they're actually using Gel rounds and afterwards they yell "SURPRISE!". It makes you poop in your pants.
ginger bread man did alot of pranks
Slammo seems to be a good example of a prankster. I'm sure there are hella tons of hackers who go out and mess with ar all over the place for this so special day.
The troll Sammie pulled his roomsweeper and shot the elf Face in the face much to his surprise. Then casually looked over and asked the shaman, "hahah dats funny, heal him Red".

"What the Fuck! You blew his head off!" screamed Redtail the Shaman.

Yeah the player of the Face was in shock for abit before we let him off.
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