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Full Version: The Mayan Cutter
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Dr. John Desmond
In my ongoing effort to file away plot hooks and story ideas for later, I was reading after work this morning and came upon mentions of the Mayan Cutter serial killer in Runner Havens. After doing some searches the only information I got is that he is a serial killer well versed in slicing people up, not being captured by the star and that nobody really knows anything about him. Now here is my question, does anybody have any information on the Cutter that I do not? If there is not any more information how about some wild@ss ideas? Free spirit? Wacked out street sam? Star getting their jollies ganking orcs?
Ancient History
Obscure reference to an earlier sourcebook.
Wesley Street
Like all good serial killer stories, the facts are few and the best parts are in your imagination. I just use him (her? it?) as background flavor in my games.
The original reference is from Double Exposure's Renraku Datafax.

I had a (IMHO) neat story in mind when I wrote about it in Runner Havens, involving Lone Star, the Mafia, the Church, and an Azzie or two. Unfortunately, I didn't have wordcount to include it in the book, or the time to write it for the SR website. I might get back at it at some point, or not.
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