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Full Version: Electonic Deception
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So, I started playing a rigger last week because we started up a new campaign. My rigger mainly drives a "Medium Transport" (ie, a big 'ol truck). I want to have some ED for the truck, as well I don't always carry "Legal" cargo. But, the rules for ED are more geared toward fooling sensors looking for the vehicle and where it's going.

What I want is something to fool sensors into thinking there is something else in the back of the truck than the crates of assault rifles. Has anyone run anything like this before, or have any suggestions on how this would work?
Technologically there is no way, if someone "eyeballs" the cargo area it will take one of the physical Illusion spells.

What sensors are you referring to that look in the back of trucks cargo areas?

There are scanners that detect weapons - that's probably what he's trying to fool
Basically, yes. Things like weapons detectors. I don't care if they open up a couple of boxes and look in them, the ones nearest the back door are filled with orages (or whatever nyahnyah.gif) like the shipping permit says.

ED systems seems to be pretty much what I want, but obviously they aren't actually what I'm looking for. But yes, Chem/weapons detectors or whatever tech a border guard is likely to use to check the cargo without having to actually open all the boxes. That's what I'm trying to fool. And even with regular ED systems, if the other guy actually SEES your vehicle, they know that their sensors are wrong. So I want to make it so that they don't WANT to check the back.
'specialised machinery' or whatever that mod is in arsenal?

(iow, i think you're going to have to make something up.)

mind you, if it has to be something that can't send/receive wireless signals for some reason, you could put wifi-inhabiting walls in, which would at least reduce their DP to see inside. wouldn't make them see something else, but at least it's a start). so if your cover is shipping, say, some kind of drone (bust-a-move toys, for example) that could potentially be the target of matrix vandalism, you might be able to justify blocking out their scans, at least until the van is open and they look inside...
My bad, I should have mentioned that I was talking about SR 2/3 =\
He is referring to SR3 Rigger 3 ED devices, not SR4 where no such rules exist.
QUOTE (Chibu @ Apr 6 2008, 09:00 PM) *
My bad, I should have mentioned that I was talking about SR 2/3 =\

ah, well then in that case the best i can offer is to try and confuse your GM with MIJI or something nyahnyah.gif

(honestly, sometimes the rules in SR3 got a little complicated... i have a hard time understanding what they're talking about when it comes to a lot of the rigger stuff in there =S )
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