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Full Version: Poll: Metahuman Races
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It's definite canon that metahumans arose from all races and walks of life; I'm interested in seeing the representation here.

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Ol' Scratch
I... don't understand the question. At least not in response to the choices.
Dr Komuso
Repeatedly. Blacks are in general most popular, as far as I've seen, for both orks and elves.

There's little cooler than a suave black elf with dreadlocks biggrin.gif

....or an angry Samuel L. Jackson style ork!! I voted ork just because they seem to most often be non-white.

Asians generally seem to be humans, though I've seen a fair amount of orks and trolls as well. I've seen hispanics for every single metatype except dwarves.... actually, I don't think I've ever seen a non-white dwarf PC, though an inordinate amount of those also seemed to be German. Heh.

Amerinds also run the gamut of metatypes amongst my PC's.

Not sure if this fits, since the character was (or had been at one time) a wakyambi. But when I played him, he was an African (Liberian) ghoul (formerly wakyambi, as mentioned) from Asamondo. So... yes and no.
asian elf street sam, Yasimi

fast small great with pistols........ good sniper

died in a c12 explosions when the dumb troll botched demolishins roll.

he was a favorite character of mine too. poor guy, time to make version 2.0 mwahahaha
I've always been a fan of Jamaican or Islander Orks. The whole dreads/voodoo/tusks thing always got me going. As far as Dwarves? I admit to not seeing many that weren't caucasian(or German for that matter) - But my fave dwarven PC is an Amerindian, and we're currently running with Taiwanese dwarf in one of my games.
I have a Ork who is seatle whitebread turned runner extrodinare.

Another Ork who's parents parents were cuban exiles, Born in Miami.

We've had one black dwarf (as a LS cop contact) and at least two asian elves. We've had a little hispanic and amerind, but not much of either, really. I'm the only one to play orks in our game, and we have yet to see a troll PC of any color.
In terms of NPCs, we've had a fair amount of characters of various races: I had an Turkish-by-way-of-Germany hobgoblin fixer contact (until the Azzies snuffed him). There have been several asian (mixed background in terms of country) elves and one japanese oni ork (a mage for one of the big Yakuza groups). I think we've seen Amerind everything (at least in terms of the standard races - on second thought, I take it back - no Amerind dwarves... interesting) at least once, and one of the other PCs was a Salish-Irish Night One elf (interesting character).
TopCat, the character that got me back into SR, was a Chinese Elf. Now, I'm ashamed that I played an elf and one that horribly min/maxed, at that. I guess we all have our phases biggrin.gif
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