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Hey all,

Maybe it's just because it's well past 2am, and my brain's not working right, but I'm sitting here hashing out creating an Agent for my decker, and I just can't figure out which ruleset to use to make it. Am I just creating it as if it were a utility, as per the Programming section, or am I using some sort of cyberterminal construction setup? I'm thinking it's the Programming section but just want to make sure.

Another question: Suppose I pull it off and I have an empty Agent sitting there. Now I want to put programs on it. Do I have to buy/program fresh copies of programs that I already have bought to put it on the Agent, or can I make object code copies of object code (I just confused myself with that one) that I already have in my deck for use on my Agent? Example...I'm thinking an Agent-6 with 24 Utility points available. I have Browse-6 (store bought) on my deck. Could I take the time needed to load a copy of Browse-6 onto my Agent so it can use it as well?

Finally, suppose I just say Frag it all and buy an agent. The only time I'd spend would be the programming time to load said programs onto it, correct?
Ol' Scratch
I'm not entirely sure what you're asking as what I think your asking is rather simple. So if I come across patronizingly, please don't think anything of it (it tends to happen all the time, though).

If you're programming your own agent, it's a simple matter of creating a utility with a rating equal to its Core Rating [which cannot exceed your Computer (Programming) Skill] and a Size Multiplier of 10. So for a Rating 6 Agent, you need a Computer (Programming) Skill of 6 and it takes the same amount of time it takes to code any other 360 Mp utility. In other words, the base time is going to be 360 days, and you then make your Computer (Programming) Test with a base TN of 6.

Things like a Program Plan, Programming Suite, available memory on the computer, or using a Mainframe to help you out can lower the TN, and thereby lower the amount of time it takes.

Putting programs into an agent can be done anytime you like and has no bearing on the original creation of the agent. The only thing you have to solidify while coding one is its Pilot Rating, Initiative Bonus, and Utility Payload, which is just a matter of juggling the (Core Rating * 6) points you get, and it's Persona ratings.

And yes, if you just go ahead and buy an agent, the only time you have to spend on it is the time it takes to code in the utilities you want to load into it. You're free to switch those around as needed, too, without having to create a completely new agent.

That's assuming that I'm understanding it all correctly. biggrin.gif I'm sure if I'm not, there'll be a hoard of people coming in to point it out.
Thanks, that was exactly what I was asking. So I just make it like I'm making any other utility. It was waaay too late at night for me to be thinking straight. I'm probably just going to buy one since my character just spent the last month (game time) coding a sleaze-8.
D'oh! Now I have to deal with an agent and your sleaze-8 program. ARG!

P.S. -- This makes more sense if you know I'm his GM biggrin.gif

-- Dash --
Hey, the sleaze 8 only gives me a DF of 10 (Masking 8 running in masking mode making it 12 + sleaze8 = 20 / 2 = 10). It's not impossible to see me.

Besides, if I can learn how to handle Agents, it'll help me with Daemons as my Otaku character.

I just you'll have to deal with not 1, but two attack-5D/stealth-5 platforms cool.gif
QUOTE (Elfie)
Hey, the sleaze 8 only gives me a DF of 10 (Masking 8 running in masking mode making it 12 + sleaze8 = 20 / 2 = 10). It's not impossible to see me.

Hm, sounds familiar..

Right, that's the exact numbers I use to drive my gm insane as well... biggrin.gif
Bah thats nothing! Df12 at character gen (if your an Otaku) though You do have to focus and aim to get that, so a little munchkin.
Hey!! I resent that! Amadan has masking 9, switch and sleaze 10, making df 13. +otaku=14 then you can sacrifice hacking pool into df at a rate of 2:1, giving me detection factor of 17.

Now, that's hard to see!!
Note i said a little an eyebrow would be raised but nothing more on just that.

I would direct you to another thread but i know you already know about it (since you posted there). DF15 before the 2:1 hacking pool. (if were going with switch being an option).

Besides you sure you can round up when using switch?
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