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Full Version: scanning for cyberware
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I was recently looking into shadowrun's rules for scanning cyberware. I found the rules for perception tests and cyberware scanners in the main rulebook. Then they have other rules for scanning cyberware in M&M. I was also looking into the legality. How many of you play with this? Apparently Titanium Bonelacing and Wired Reflexes:3 are ridiculously illegal with no permit available; sounds reasonable to me. However I was looking more in depth and I realized, while cyberspurs and hand razors aren't as illegal as the previous two, there is no permit available for them. I continued looking and noticed permits were available for all the cyberguns. And most bioware tended to be totally legal, but I remember reading that it's not detectable by cyberware scanners, only doctors would find it during medical evaluations.
Now, the way I see it; characters with cyberware, that they don't have a permit for, are severely restricted when it comes to travel. Also they would never have access to any places with increased security. I'm ruling if the characters can manage they're own private jet, they wouldn't have to go through the security checkpoints at airports. Sound reasonable? I've never tried flying on a private jet IRL so I wouldn't know what the procedures are.
Also If anyone knows a sourcebook with all the rules for scanning for cyberware in one place please point me in that direction.

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My characters usually pay the big bucks to get things like titanium bone lacing into a country. Private planes are most definitely searched and subject to inspection on landing. Essentially the PC's hav to be smuggled into or out of the country by actual smugglers vis some methof od transportation that is not on a declared flight plan, tracked and shot down, or inspected. You cannot land at a registered airport, or if you do you better have reliable bribes already in place. In short, travel is a pain and they often make travel considerations part of the deal with the johnson when they accept an overseas run in the first place.
My group has picked up permits on their travel SINs for most of their gear, especially their cyberware. Otherwise, they're up a crick without a paddle.
Permits simply apply to Joe Blow on the street. In the real world, you can't get a permit for a rocket launcher, but it would be okey dokey to transport one if you were authorized military personelle on authorized business (that required a launcher. Yeah, I know it's a crappy example. But you get the idea). So a permit for bone lacing or WR3 is not illegal/unavailable per se. You'd just have to pay someone big bucks to have someone create a bogus (and plausible) reason for you to have this stuff. Like maybe your forged identity sez you're a high ranking corporate bodyguard.
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