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Wasn't there a dev chat today? anyone got a transcript?
3rd Sunday of the month IIRC. Should be next week.
Ryu is correct, it's scheduled for next week Saturday. I believe The Dunner will post an announcement shortly.
Sweet, thanks! I think I was thinking of last months (which was on the 15th).

And I was checking this thread just to see if they'd said anything one way or the other about the Dragon PCs in the Companion "Preview." But maybe that's already been cleared up now in one of the half a dozen threads on the subject that I haven't been keeping up with? Or is it still unconfirmed as a joke?
As folks already surmised, there will be a chat next Saturday. We're looking into trying something a little bit different, and we need to decide it that's going to pan out before we make a formal announcement. smile.gif
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