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Full Version: Illusions and astrally projecting or perceiving characters
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Is there any way to make an illusion of a wall look like a wall to an astrally perceiving eye? Physical illusions work fine against cameras, cyber-eyes etc., but if an astrally projecting character was flying down a hallway and turned a corner, is there at least a way that would require a perception or assensing check to notice that one of the walls was in fact a concealled hallway or door?

Can illusions be made permanent?


With a sweep of his...

A sustaining focus can maintain the illusion but a simple perception test on the astral will show the wall to be a spell.
I'm not positive, but I think Extended Masking can make it harder to correctly assense a sustained spell.
You can make illusions (or any spell) permanent with the quickening metamagic, but it costs karma.
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