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Alright folks. Your 'Runners have some downtime, the credstick is fat with nuyen.gif , the gang in the neighbourhood is behaving itself... It's time to hit the clubs and PARTY!

Now, how does your characters get there? We have probably had numerous threads about "Work Vechicles", now how about the "Fun Rides" the group keeps in the garage and *DON'T* want shot up on a regular occasion?
I rock that 6.5k race bike. Cheep, stock, fast, reasonably cool. Plus I'm playing an initiate. A bike with F6 movement and conceal has many many option for getting out bad situations ASAP.
Anything with pimped ride level 2.
The two vehicles I have always loved the most are the Suzuki Aurora and the Appaloosa. I don't know why, but I've always loved the aesthetic design of the Appaloosa, and the Aurora is, hands-down, the fastest bike out there.
For most runners, I take the Ford Americar or Mercury Comet and mod the living hell out of it. The fact that it's one of the most common cars in existence combined with ruthenium paintjobs means that nobody is gonna track that car at all. And with enough mods, you can squeeze some serious speed out of it. You'll never equal Westwind 2000s, of course, but for in-city driving you'll never hit speeds where that matters anyway, because something will get in your way long before you can get up to them speeds.

For the rich runners?
Tilt Wing Kamov D-7 VTOL.

Having your own vtol air transport makes everything more convenient.
I miss the Saab Dynamite 778 TI. Fast as hell, and very "Ronin"...
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