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Full Version: Longevity of Ghouls
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I'm curious about the lifespan of Ghouls and other HMHVV infectees. Nosferatu seem to live for a very, very long time, as well as Wendigos, at least based on the fluff in the novels.

I haven't found any mentions of Ghoul again aside from an old entry in an old Target: UCAS where there was some wild speculation that Mama the fixer may be an "ancient ghoul."

Looking for some references. Thanks in advance.
Ancient History
I those infected with HMHVV-II (Fomorians, Loup-Garou), the Krieger strain (ghouls) do not gain increased lifespans.
[/edit] Neither do Dzoo-noo-qua or Goblins

Mama was not a ghoul, except perhaps in some older interpretations of the word.

Oh, section of interest: Linkey
Whoops, lost track of the thread.

Thanks AH.

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