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Full Version: Spell Defense
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So, I think there was something about this on another thread, but I can't find it now... Hmmm. So I have a question. I always thought that power foci dice only helped on spell defense if you could normally do it, ie they could augment your sorcery test and allow you to have better spell defense. But the way things are written in the SR3 it sounds like anyone can use them (p.190):

Power foci dice may be used for spell defense.
End of sentence. No qualifiers. Just that.

If you grant that (which is far from sure), then can allies do the same (since they act like power foci [granted, not exactly the same as, just "like", but still...])?
Wait for it... Wait for it...


Answered my own question. Maybe I'll look at the Faq next time as well as the eratta before posting...
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