once upon a time i had a thread for this stuff, but just like those plants i never watered and kids i never fed, it doesn't seem to be around anymore. so here's some stuff i've been thinking about.

As gauss weaponry slowly leaks into the market, lots of homebrew armsmen are updating old designs. while true personal gauss guns are still a decade away at best, many have found a way to use magnetic accelerators to enhance standard firearms. the Mag-Assist mod adds a series of magnetic coils to the barrel of the firearm, which increace the muzzle velocity of a round. Bullets must be custom made with higher levels of ferrous materials (+10% to ammo cost), and the gun requires an exernal power source (1PP per shot) in order to work. Mag-Assist follows the same rules as Gas Vents and Sound Suppressors (they may be installed together, but can't be used simultaniously).

Effect: +1DV
R1: SS guns only [2] Weapon Cost x3
R2: SS/SA guns only [4] Weapon Cost x5
R3: all fire modes [6] Weappon Cost x8

Nano-Maintenance System
Similar to Implant-Medics or the Vehicular Self Repair systems, the NMS is a nanohive designed for firearms. the specialized nanites in this hive can scrub the inside of the barrel, keep the mechanical parts lubricated, repair shorted wires and generaly keep the gun in prime condition without the need for field stripping. guns with the NMS installed jam less often, but it can not be installed in a weapon with easy/powered breakdown, or exchangeable weapon mounts.

Effect: Increace the number of 1s needed for a glitch per level when firing the gun
[Rating x2] Rating x$5,000

Nano-Weapon Resevoir
Still coating your blades in poison manualy? get with the program, gramps, this is the 21st century, we have devices that can do that for you. This modification is for bladed meele weapons only (exotics like the memory blade, vibroblades and monoswords excluded), and is essentialy a self-sufficient nanohive installed at the base of the blade. the hive can support various nanoweaponry, from cutters to smart demolishers to cancerads and everything inbetween. While larger NWRs can support up to three systems at a time, only one may be 'active', requiring 1 combat turn to switch between different nanoweapons. price does not include cost of nanoweapons, or monthly upkeep of the hives.

R1: 1 nanoweapon [2] $5,000
R2: 2 nanoweapons [4] $10,000
R3: 3 nanoweapons [6] $15,000